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Knowledgebase is a categorized collection of answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) and articles. You can read articles in this category or select a subcategory that you are interested in.  

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Sphider pro installation
New installation Sphider Pro version 3.3
Installing pdftotext.exe
Activating crons
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Sphider Pro Licence
Invalid licence on Instalation
Invalid licence after Admin Login
I have changed my domain name
Server requirements
Sphider Pro version 3.3 server Requirements
Sphider Pro Admin Control
Sphider Pro Login
Sphider Pro Updates
Sphider Pro version 3.3
Common questions
Can I index pdf files with Sphider Pro?
Indexing .pdf files returns no text or html
Sphider Pro image indexing
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Feature List
Full Featurs of version 3.3
Clean tables Features
Site functions for Sphider Pro version 3.3
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