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Invalid licence after Admin Login


Sphider Pro is licenced software, each licence is granted per domain name. (1 domain name only) If you receive the error message below after you have logged into Sphider Pro admin control, (version 3.3 upwards) you may not have a valid licence or you may have changed your domain name and not updated your licence.

This is not a Licenced copy of Sphider Pro.

Please purchase a license at www.sphiderpro.eu

To use all the fuctions of Spider Pro you must have a registered copy.

If you have purchased a license you may just need to register your domain name with it. Please contact our support desk to resolve this issue. http://support.sphiderpro.eu/

If you believe that you should or do have a valid licence please submit a support ticket. Please include your domain name and paypal transaction ID and we will get you licence updated correctly.

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