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Sphider Pro image indexing


Sphider Pro image indexing

Sphider Pro will index images it finds on a websites url while performing its indexing of that website.

Sphider Pro has a strict set of rules for how it indexes images. We have done this so that your database is not filled with duplicate images or thousands of images that have been indexed but are just not searchable.

We have used size as one parameter. The image must be bigger than 30 pixels in width. many websites use very small images for spacing and that, so we do not want images that are so small to be included.

we have also used the image source and alt tags as further parameters. this means a image tag must be constructed correctly in order to be indexed. as long as the website has constructed the full image tag to W3C standards and that the image tag has a full source then this image will be indexed. Most website do have correctly constructed image tags with full sources on their websites.

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