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During indexing


During indexing

When idexing has started with Sphider Pro has a few additional functions that have been included. These are block url and block image. With the click of a button the select url or image will be added to the blocked list.

While indexing takes place Sphider Pro will indexed the page content, pdf and word documents (if selected) and take a screen shot of the url just indexed. This all takes place within a few seconds for each url indexed.

Cleaning Tables

Sphider Pro has adapted functions to help keep your database and search results clean and tidy. Auto clean tables can be activated from with the admin control settings panel. Once this has been selected Sphider Pro will automatically clean 404 page not found url's, clean and remove blocked url's and blocked images

Creates logs

Sphider Pro creates log files in either plane text or html, this feature can be turned on or off from within the admin control settings panel.

Sphider Pro can also email you to notify you that indexing has ran and what website was indexed, also if logging is selected let you know which log file was created. This feature can be turned on or off from within the admin control settings panel. Also a separate email address can be used for email notifications of Sphider Pro indexing to that of admin control login.

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