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Sphider Pro version 3.3 server Requirements


Sphider Pro version 3.3 server Requirements

Sphider Pro has been designed to work on shared web hosting. In order to get sphider Pro to work on shared web hosting a few adjustments need to be made on the server. We have teamed up with webreger.com that have specially configured shared web hosting so that Sphider Pro will work.

When Sphider Pro is installed on shared web hosting we do not recommend using the cron periodic indexing features. These run multiple cron jobs simultaneously and will crash shared web hosting.

If cron features are to be used we recommend a small VPS (virtual private server) webreger.com will configure these servers for you and have it setup within a few hours normally. They will even install Sphider Pro for you if you ask them to.

For smaller website we recommend a 1 core vps and for sites of larger capacity, this is where multiple crons will be running and hundreds of web pages to index we recommend a 2 – 3 core VPS.

In order for Sphider Pro’s scripts to run mbstring must be enabled on your server. To install mbstring this can be done via ssh like so:

Yum install php-mbstring

cPanel users should use EasyApache(Apache Update) feature from their control panel.

The GD library needs to be installed under EasyApache(Apache Update) aswell. This is the library that allows the image manipulation functions for the show thumbnail in search results feature.

If the GD library is not installed in the server you will not ba able to use the show thumbnail images in the search results and an error will accure while indexing.

In order to index pdfs and .doc files the converters will need to be installed on the server first. Shared web hosting will normaly not allow this to be installed as they are executable files. You will most likely need a small vps server in order to have these installed.

Sphider Pro can create a thumbnail image of each url that is indexed. To do this Sphider Pro requires wkhtmtoimage to be installed on your server.

Webreger.com are happy to install these for you (free of charge) on their vps and dedicated servers ready for your Sphider Pro installation. Please just ask. They will install them and issue you the full correct path to the executable files ready for your Sphider Pro installation.




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