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Site functions for Sphider Pro version 3.3


Site functions Sphider Pro version 3.3

Edit website details

Easily edit and update a websites details, must not include, must include, periodic re-indexing and site category (if enabled in admin control settings).

Enter sitemap locations

Enter sitemap path locations for individual websites. These should be relative to the main url path, for example   sitemap.xml   or  maps/sitemapMain.xml

Follow sitemaps

Sphider Pro will index xml sitemaps. Sitemaps locations can be specified for individual domain names if know. If no sitemap is know Sphider Pro will try to search for the main location and default file name of a sitemap. If no valid sitemap is found Sphider Pro will default to index links found. Follow sitemaps must be turned on in the admin control settings page for this feature to work

View site details

View your website basic details in one place, this includes website url, website title, website short description, its index status (either not indexed or last indexed date) and website category if enabled.

Re-index individual websites

Re-index an individual website direct from the admin control interface.

Index individual websites

Index an individual website direct from the admin control interface

Continue indexing

If indexing has been interrupted you can continue suspended indexing direct from the admin interface.

Browse Pages

Browse the pages of on individual website that has been indexed, use the filter function to find individual pages. Option to delete individual pages of a website that has been indexed.

View stats

View the statistics of a website that has been indexed, this includes its indexed state, (either not indexed or last indexed date, how many pages have been indexed for the website, the total index size of all pages, the cached text size in kb, total number of key words indexed for the website and website size total in kb.

Delete the entire site

The option to delete the entire site and all its associated keywords.

Delete and re-index

Completely delete a website and all its associated keywords, re-add the website with its last known settings to the database ready for indexing all at the click of a button.

Search for websites

As your site grows finding a website to pull up its statistics can be hard, with the search function you can easily search for individual websites from within the admin control. Searches can be preformed by complete url or keyword based on the websites url, title and description.

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